SWTOR Leveling Guide

July 1st, 2015 by Hayden

Here’s an overview of SWTOR Leveling Guide. For more information and gameplay recommendations, check out this SWTOR Complete Guides Bundle.

Star Wars: the Old Republic, more commonly referred to as SWTOR is designed around a leveling-based system as oppose to skill-based. What that basically mean is character progression is measured by their levels in the game. Leveling is done pretty much like most other MMORPGs and RPGs which is questing, spending time in leveling locations and the likes in order to gain experience. After a certain amount of experience gathered, the character then advances to the next level. When a new level is reached, characters would receive a set number of points to allocate to the character’s skills and attributes, customizing it to the player’s preference.

In SWTOR, there are a total of eight main stills for players to decide which to level up. This is quite the same as in Blade and Soul as seen in http://www.bladeandsoulguide.net/.These kills are awareness, demolitions, computer use, persuasion, stealth, security, treat injury and repair. The character’s attributes such as dexterity, wisdom or intelligence also affects how each of the skills plays out. As players level up, they would have Force Powers to choose from. The set of Force Powers available to choose from differs depending on each character.

After completing quests, character’s gain more experience. Different quest offers different amount of leveling experience. Eliminating enemies throughout the galaxy also gains the character experience. In SWTOR, the experience gained is shared between all characters whether or not they are idle (not being used by the player at any given time). When a character starts out, they are referred to as the beginner character and as the player goes on, they get to advance a more sophisticated class of their choice whether it is a Jedi or Sith class. With that in mind, character planning and leveling up in SWTOR comes hand-in-hand and careful character planning early on is always recommended.

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Savior Guide Review

April 18th, 2015 by Hayden

Savior Guide
Rating: ★★★½☆
Author: N/A
Price: 34.95 USD
Updates: Free

Just got me a copy of Savior Guide. For anyone who’s wondering what they can expect from the guide, here’s an overview of what content are available at the moment and my personal take about the package.

First of, the package I downloaded included many digital guides. There were class guides, credits and a general guide. They’re not all complete but so far looks promising. The general guide starts with a descriptive overview of the species and classes as well as details about the skill trees. Further along, details about the advance classes and and a planets guide by levels is shared.

The manual also includes information on crew skills and crafting basics. A full companions reference by allegiance is also covered in the general guide. Quest walkthroughs are featured for the individual class guides. The credits guide starts off with details on the crafting skills.

My personal take is that the writer did a very good job getting all the details written up before the game was released. The content so far looks absolutely promising. The guides come with free updates. Would be very interesting to see how the manuals develop over time. One of the offers that stands out for SWTOR Savior Guide is the money-back guarantee. This flexibility they offer is definitely a fair deal for buyers.


Wealthy Hutts Guide

April 17th, 2015 by Hayden

Credits Guide
Rating: ★★★½☆
Author: ‘The Wealthy Hutts’
Price: 17.00 USD
Updates: Free

The Wealthy Hutts Guide is a guide designed specifically for making credits in SWTOR. With a strong focus on the specific money-making area of the game, the manual contains in-dept information and tips for earning credits.

Having adequate credits in SWTOR is in fact a very important factor. After all, skills comes with a price, so does respecs, lightsabers, blasters and most other items in the game. Having a character that has enough credits to get level-appropriate gear in itself goes a long way for leveling up.

This is where Wealthy Hutts Guide comes in. At the moment, it’s not fully complete, but it is yet another noteworthy SWTOR guide to keep an eye on. The product description depicts that the manual would cover credits content such as ways to earn millions of credits quickly. The author team is made up of a group of individuals who have spent time researching the fastest possible ways to make credits since closed beta. They refer to themselves as ‘The Wealthy Hutts‘.


SWTOR Guide – Datacrons and Matrix Cubes

April 5th, 2015 by Hayden

What exactly are datacrons and matix cubes? Why would you want to learn about them or make use of them in SWTOR? Easy. Datacrons are basically hidden elements found at various hidden locations in the vast Star Wars galaxies. Players who come across them can consider themselves very lucky given that these elements provide extra stats and bonuses.

How to spot a datacron? Although they are hidden in the more difficult-to-access parts of the game, when you do come across them, they can quite easily be identified given they radiate a glow. Word usually goes around where datacrons are hidden, thus knowing where they are located isn’t the difficult part. Getting to them however, is an entirely different topic since it involves puzzles and all that logic headache.

The great news is, if you successfully get to a datacron, you get a permanent stats increase.

Here’s a quick guide to which datacron offers what bonuses. Note that the extend of the statistics boost depends on the type of datacron and the planet.

* Strength – Red
* Endurance – Green
* Aim – White
* Willpower – Purple
* Presence – Yellow
* Cunning – Yellow

Besides stat boosts, some datacrons gives a Matrix Shard. These are what are used to assemble Matrix Cubes. So far, the known Matrix Shards comes in 4 colors: red, blue, yellow and green.

These shards can be assembled using what is called an assembler to create Matrix Cubes, which give more than 1 statistic boost. For example, a level 32 cube combined using a Blue, Red and Red shard will yield give the following stats boost: 22 End, 29 Will, 14 Crit.

Well, there you go. A fast track SWTOR guide to Datacrons and Matrix Cubes!

A single matrix shard serves no purpose, but in sets of three they can prove extremely valuable to the player in the form of a Matrix Cube via an assembler.

For a more in-depth insight into Datacrons and Matrix Cubes, please refer to this SWTOR Guide.

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SWTOR Leveling Guide Preview

March 27th, 2015 by Hayden

Time is nearly up for the long awaited Star Wars: The Old Republic launch. Were all excited about it and preparing for the game by buying cd-keys and pre-ordering to get that color-stone. Customizing that lightsaber of ours to our color preference and that SWTOR model to be placed on that shelf in your room so your friends can admire.


If you are some of the lucky ones, you’ve actually beta tested the game. This post is really to share you some details on some of the info I have read up on online and it seems like there aren’t really any guides promoted for the game yet. Came across one site called KillerGuides and checked out their SWTOR Strategy guide. As the game is not officially out yet, I haven’t placed my money yet even though they already have it selling. But to think that I would have a expert gamers perspective on the mmo SWTOR was pretty cool. A whole SWTOR leveling guide to myself. If any of you have seen any other guides out in the market, feel free to share here.

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SWTORGuide.net Reviews Killer Guides’ Leveling and Strategy Guide

March 20th, 2015 by Hayden

Strategy Guide
Rating: ★★★★★
Author: Anima Lucat
Price: 29.99 USD
Updates: Free

Guides Bundle
Rating: ★★★★½
Authors: Anima Lucat, Traci Behringer, Matthew Suttles, Scott Campbell
Price: 89.99 USD
Updates: Free

After hearing them getting recommended a number of times I finally decided to give Killer Guides a try. ‘Recommended a number of times’ is probably a slight understatement: Nearly half the blogs I’m following seem to have tried them already (or seem to endorse them at least), with the majority of them coming away with a very positive impression. I might be jumping a little on the bandwagon here, but I’m sure I wasn’t the only one when I talked about the announcement of SWTOR’s release date or beta phases either. So here goes my personal take on Killer Guides:

They currently seem to offer 18 different guides (a leveling guide, a credits guide and 16 advanced class guides) for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Looking at their other games that seems to be pretty much the norm for them. Nice change from the one-size-fits all strategy and leveling guides you usually get stuck with. It probably caters even more to SWTOR than other games, given the quest lines for each individual class (makes me wonder though how much overlap there is in a game like Aion where every single class on one faction goes through the same content…).

SWTOR Strategy GuideBased on my experience with the game so far, I was looking for some new ideas on crew management (left them on auto-pilot most of the time in the past), trade skills (still unsure what makes the most credits really) and of course on how to level up my character faster. Thus I decided to go with their general guide. It turned out upon checkout they actually offer you to get all guides for SWTOR in one bundle at a 90%(!) discount … tempted, but there’s no way I can fit 18 reviews on the blog. After paying via PayPal, I received an e-mail right away with my login details for their member area where I was able to download the guide.

To make a long story short: It’s really good.

I’ve been quite involved with SWTOR for a number months and soaked up pretty much all I could find in the game, on other blogs, and during (a lot of) hours spent on the forums. Yet, what first stood out, was that the guide tended to have some advanced advice in even some of the most basic sections that I hadn’t heard of before. I’m not sure if they had some inside access or just had a lot more people working on this than appears, but the depth and extent of the provided strategies is staggering. Of course some sections like a guideline on character creation were not really earth-shattering, but about 10 minutes into the guide I was actually taking notes(!) on things to try next time I logged in.

The crew management section is solid. It gave me a pretty good idea on how I could improve the performance of solo and duo play. It left me with quite a few new tactics that actually did improve the rate at which I got through missions and other content. Same goes for the equipment section – again some new ideas and pointers that probably will get me another 20% extra out of my character. Not the world, but at this rate, it seriously adds up. The provided strategies are actually geared towards different levels, so there’s something for newbies as well as for the end game.

Which brings me to the heart of the guide: The leveling section. I never heralded big hopes for landing a server first, but given the level of detail here, I’m actually tempted to give it a serious shot (of course me posting this review isn’t really helping this, but I figure I have somewhat of an advanced start). I always thought that SWTOR leveling was rather intuitive with the main class-line laid out in front of you and lots of other missions on the way. Turns out, that you can actually save quite a bit of time by being selective about which extra content you take up and which you pass on. And then there’s those missions that seem confusing at first, but are actually great experience and gear upgrade sources if you don’t have to spend time figuring it out for yourself.

Last but not least there’s a credit section. I was mostly curious about making extra cash through crew skills along the way instead of becoming a credit-amassing Hutt. Thus I figured the credit section in the general guide would suffice (versus the full-fledged credits guide that Killer Guides also offers). To my surprise it turns out there are better money-making options along the way than putting your companion to work. Don’t get me wrong, the guide has a great section on crew skills, but ultimately it recommends other strategies to optimize your income while leveling up. From what I tested so far that holds true – I guess it does (literally) pay to listen to others (or at least read them) every now and then.

In summary, I’m quite happy with the $29.99 I spent on the guide. It’s a solid piece of reference that starts with the basics and goes on to provide a wealth of advanced advice that most veteran SWTOR players could learn quite a bit from. The contained leveling guide is far beyond any other leveling guide I’ve come across and that alone is probably worth the money already. Maybe I should have gone with the full bundle right away (give that it is the same price as 3 individual guides), but later on you’re always wiser. If you want to give Killer Guides’ strategy and leveling guide a shot yourself, you can find it here.

Happy leveling!

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SWTOR Character Creation Video

November 22nd, 2011 by Lavi Lee

Here’s an overview of SWTOR Character Creation. For more information and gameplay recommendations, check out this SWTOR Guide.

Have a look into the beginning of the soon to be mega hit MMO SWTOR Character Creation Video. Bioware has a few tricks up their sleeve when it comes to character creation and crafting interesting ways to shape their own in game appearances. Although they are more known to be specialists in crafting awesome narratives to allow players to walk down their own path, their character creation is a little less exciting.

However this video would actually show SWTOR fans how they would spend their first minutes or hours for some people, fixing their perfect face for the Sith Inquisitor or their very own Jedi Knight.

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SWTOR Flashpoint Guide

November 21st, 2011 by Jack Matthews

Wondering what SWTOR flashpoints are? Here’s a quick description for you to quickly grasp the concept and an overview of the known flashpoints.

Flashpoints are what is more commonly known as instances. When engaging in flashpoints, gamers will have to fight waves of enemies to complete a certain goal and earn the corresponding rewards. In SWTOR, flashpoints are highly story-driven and lots of action can be expected. Like other game’s instances, you would take on flashpoints with a group of allies. Group decisions, strategies and how well you work together can determine the outcomes of our efforts. In order to obtain some of the best items, gamers will want to strongly consider SWTOR flashpoints.

During the course of a flashpoint, gamers will find themselves conversing with NPCs which drives the story along. At the very start, every player will be asked to select from a set of options, after which a dice will be rolled which ultimately determines the chosen path the group will take. Take note that decisions made by each player will have affect on either one of this dark side points or light side points.

There are currently a couple known flashpoints. For the Galactic Republic, very early in the game, you will come across ‘The Esseles’ flashpoint. Midway through, there’s the Taral V. For the Sith Empire, there’s first ‘The Black Talon’ early on and then ‘Boarding Party’ half way through. Directive 7 is an end-game flashpoint that will be available to both SWTOR allegiance.

The Esseles is a republic-only flashpoint that is available very early in the game. Story-wise, it’s majorly about defending securing a republic ship from the imperial agents.

Taral V is a 4-man flashpoint that is available to gamers after they reach level 32. So far, the estimate given is roundabout 90 minute to complete.

The Black Talon is an empire-only flashpoint. Aim of the this SWTOR flashpoint is basically to take over an uncooperative imperial transport ship in order to intersect a republic ship.

Boarding Party is another empire-only flashpoint that is available mid-game. The aim is to track down a run-away from the imperial prison in order to prevent an attack on the Sith Empire.

Directive 7 is the only currently known flashpoint that is available to both allegiance at end-game. The main objective is to fight against droids together (the forces of the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire) in order to defend themselves from a massive rebellion. This one would be a very interesting flashpoint.

If you’re looking for more than preliminary info, this SWTOR Guide is recommended. The manual is also available as part of a SWTOR Complete Guides Bundle; further recommended for serious SWTOR gamers.

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November 19th, 2011 by Hayden

Here’s an overview of SWTOR Guide. For more information and gameplay recommendations, check out this SWTOR Complete Guides Bundle.

This article is a preliminary SWTOR guide that explains details and some background about the game. Star Wars the Old Republic is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game) by Bioware and LucasArts which is based on the popular big screen film, Star Wars by LucasFilms.

The storyline is driven by the original theme, the never-ending conflict between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. The entire SWTOR story occurs in the time before Dark Vader and Luke Skywalker. SWTOR is all about choosing an alliance a class to play and battling your way through missions and the vast galaxy with your allies.

The game offers unique features including space combat, the availability of crew skills and entire starships to manage. Fans of the movie will be able to experience everything they love about Star Wars first hand, from the cute beeping of R2D2 and his fellow C2PO, encountering familiar races and of course the black market. The available classes are also all derived from characters created in George Lucas’ Star Wars. The known available classes would of course include the popular Jedi. So far, there are eight known classes which are the Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, Trooper, Bounty Hunter, Imperial Agent, Sith Warrior, Sith Inquisitor and the Smuggler class played by Harrison Ford as Hans Solo in the film.

As the story has it, the Galactic Republic’s main mission is to maintain peace and protect the people of the republic. The Republic’s protectors are the SWTOR Jedi Knights of the Jedi order. The other powerful opposing force in Star Wars: the Old Republic is the Sith Empire. Lead by the Dark Emperor, the Empire’s main objective is destroying the Republic and gaining complete power.

The game not only features high tech SWTOR starships to player’s enjoyment, but there are vast planets to explore and land on as well. Known planets so are are: Tython (the Jedi’s home), Korriban, Hutta, Ord Mantell, Coruscant, Balmorra, Alderaan, Tatooine, Dromundkaas, Taris, Belsavis, Voss, Hoth, Nar Shaddaa, Corellia, Ilum and Quesh. With that many number of planets, imagine just how large a game SWTOR is. Well folks, that’s it for our introductory SWTOR guide. Stay tuned for more details and guides about SWTOR that will be made available here at SWTORGuide.net.

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Free SWTOR Beta Key

November 16th, 2011 by Hayden


By the way, did you hear? MMORPG.com is giving away tons and tons of beta keys!! If you’re reading this post, quickly head over to their site for the free swtor beta key.

MMORPG.com was given tons of beta test key for Star Wars The Old Republic. Although you will not receive it right away, they guarantee you access when the next phase beings. You must however redeem this key before Nov 18 @11.59PM in order to be invited into the beta. So hurry up and don’t miss this chance to get invited.

The key must be redeemed from the official SWTOR.com site and not at MMORPG.com

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SWTOR Choose Your Side – Sith Inquisitor VS Trooper Trailer

November 13th, 2011 by Jack Matthews

Check out the latest video released from Bioware revealing more information on the Sith Inquisitor and Trooper. Watch as the video shows detailed information on their armor, weapons and how they revolve in the galaxy. Know how these characters use their class skills and its effects.

For more advanced content such as strategies and gaming hints, please refer to this SWTOR Complete Guides Bundle.

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SWTOR Early Game Access Details Revealed

November 8th, 2011 by Hayden

Hope you were one of those who pre-ordered the SWTOR mmo. If you did, you are in luck as you will have gained an Early Game Access before the launch on December 20th. A great chance for all you SWTOR gamers to start before anyone else. Stay ahead of the game and other folks.

Depending on which day you redeem your Pre-Order Code, you have the chance to gain Early Game Access of up to five days before the official release date. Redeem your code here at the Code Redemption Center. If you haven’t then order it right away as there is still time. See what you will get in our Pre-order details or watch the exciting SWTOR collectors edition unboxing video

lay your character ahead of the official live game launch.Many of you have been wondering how long Early Game Access will last, and we are now happy to announce that depending on when you redeem your Pre-Order Code, you will gain Early Game Access up to five days before the official game launch date.

More advanced contents such as tips, hints and strategies is shared over at SWTOR Guide.

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SWTOR Credits Guide: the Way of Crafting

November 6th, 2011 by Jack Matthews

This article provides a preliminary guide for the Way of Crafting, more advanced content such as related gameplay strategies could be found in this SWTOR Credits Guide.

So how does SWTOR credits play its role in determining the game’s economy? It’s not yet possible to do a complete analysis of how the currency plays out in Star Wars the Old Republic. This article provides a good starting point for anyone who wants to learn more about SWTOR credits.

First off, from the updates and players’ speculations, crafting is likely to be a big thing in SWTOR. Thus, it would be reasonable to assume that one of the popular means to make SWTOR credits when the game is released will be via crafting. So far, it’s likely that the crafting system will let you craft epic items which are more or less in line with dungeon rewards. There is also the possibility to end up crafting items that are a bit more than dungeon loots. These are items that will earn the sellers lots of money when sold off.

Other things to consider in light of this crafting speculation is that everyone who are trying to make lots of money will use crafting as a means to earn those SWTOR credits. In other words, everyone will be trying to max out their crafting skills. Which also suggest that crafting items and materials will be even more difficult to come by and also become more expensive over time.

With this chain of effect, it would mean that gamers will also be able to sell away crafting materials at an even higher price than the market as well. Yet another way to earn SWTOR credits.

The good news is that in SWTOR, gamers can take on both crafting and gathering at once. With the availability of crew skills, you could also send your crew to go gathering for you.

Another rather obvious means to make SWTOR credit for the experienced MMORPG gamer is hoarding. When the game is first released, everyone will be on the race to max their crafting skills. Be quick to gather and sell away those crafting materials and items. When the price drops because the first wave of crafters have hit the crafting cap, that’s when you buy and gather the items again at a lower price for future investment. Sounds just like the stock market doesn’t it. The beauty is crafting epic items with your low-cost materials (the same ones earlier gamers bought at a higher price) to make even more profit.

For more details about the currency, stay tunned for more updates from swtorguide.net.

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SWTOR Warzones System Page Launched

October 31st, 2011 by Jack Matthews

This article is a good starting point to learn about SWTOR Warzones. Check out this SWTOR Guide for more advanced details, insights and gameplay tactics.

Anyone interested in SWTOR PvP? Now is your time to gear up and read up on all the aspects of the near release of this huge MMO Star Wars the Old Republic. SWTOR has launched a SWTOR Warzones System page dedicated to all those hardcore PvP’ers wanting to know more. The site will reveal screenshots, revealed zones, videos and articles typed straight from the developers themselves.

There are 3 SWTOR Warzones: Huttball, Voidstar, and Alderaan (released info so far)

Huttball: Just like Quidditch, SWTOR has created a whole new sport, an extreme and deadly sport just for the SWTOR gamers. This new sports is held on the Smuggler’s Moon of Nar Shaddaa. A place overseen by Giraddo the Hutt. This game if it can be called a game, pits players into a zone against one another with no hold barred actions.

Voidstar: Because of a lost Imperial Battle Cruiser known to hold tons of secrets, both the Empire and Republic are trying to control it again to seek out all that can be used on this lost but now found Imperial Battle Cruiser. Watch the latest released video.

Alderaan: A planet intensely fought over by 2 powerful sides each relentless in their attacks. With laser cannons on the surface and troops on the battlefield, the Imperial army and Republic fight over this planet.

Click here to reveal more about SWTOR Warzones


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SWTOR Starship Guide

October 28th, 2011 by Hayden

Here’s an overview of SWTOR Starship. For more information and gameplay recommendations, check out this SWTOR Guide.

In the vast galaxy, the means for traveling is via starships. These starships are thus nothing new and have been used for traveling in hyperspace for millennias. Over time, the technology supporting these ships continue to advance and evolve, offering captains of the ships and its occupants with more and more features. This post, guides you with information about all the six SWTOR starships.

For ships that travel outside the secure hyperlanes, the defense and weapon technology used must be advanced enough to ensure secure traveling. During the war, many new and upgraded versions of starships were designed by the engineers of the Galactic Republic. Like all sorts of high-tech weaponry, some of the most advanced starships did end up in the black market and to the hands of the Sith Empire’s Bounty Hunters.

The currently known starships in SWTOR are the D5-Mantis, Fury, BT-Thunderclap, Phantom, XS Freighter and the Defender. The best word to describe the SWTOR D5-Mantis starship is the word ‘fight’. The starship has independent power supplies and is capable to significantly pack itself into carrier ships. The SWTOR D5-Mantis is a rather rare ship. Due to the cost of building these starships, the number of Mantis starships flying in the galaxy is rare.

SWTOR Defender Ship

Then there’s the Star Wars the Old Republic Fury. This starship features a hyperdrive and is know to be the most versatile ship of the Imperial fleet. The Fury is most popular among the Sith Lords. The BT-7 Thunderclap is an assault starship. It’s designed for fast deployment which is advantageous during combat situations. The ship has one of the best armor plating and heavy laser cannons.

The X-70B Phantom is developed from years of research and is one of the known ships of the Imperial Navy. The XS Freighter is known to be one of the fastest ships in space. The ship is suitable for cargo given that it has secret compartments to keep important shipment hidden. Last but not least is the Defender. This starship was developed during the Great War specifically for the Jedi Order. The ship has been built to support the Jedi’s specialized mission as oppose to general military power.

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SWTOR Collector’s Edition Unboxing Video

October 24th, 2011 by Marcus

Were you one of those who pre-ordered a SWTOR Collector’s Edition package? If your like me, im as excited about it as you are. Here’s a video made from the company revealing all the exclusive things you will be getting including the physical collectibles and the in-game items available in this SWTOR limited edition.

More advanced contents such as tips, hints and strategies is shared over at SWTOR Guide.

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SWTOR Signs of War Trailer

October 20th, 2011 by Hayden

A true fitting to the close release of SWTOR on December 20, 2011. Feel the hype and choose your battles wisely. BioWare’s massively multiplayer online game is a huge game and hopefully a huge hit. However the galaxy now is under heavy attack and you must choose your side carefully to solve all problems. With corruption, political conflict and assassinations at every corner, beware of your surroundings as you just may end up another statistic in the book of the dead.

This latest SWTOR trailer features all conflicts, small to big that can be expected once your in the game. Presented with a great storyline, you will be immersed in decisions and paths difficult even for the game creator to determine which one to walk down. Enjoy this latest video “SWTOR Signs of War Trailer”

Want to learn more about SWTOR? Then refer to this SWTOR Complete Guides Bundle which comes highly recommended.

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SWTOR Companions – A Quick Guide

October 15th, 2011 by Marcus

SWTOR Bowdaar Chewbacca

Here’s an introductory guide to SWTOR Companions, for more in-dept information and gaming insights, check out this SWTOR Guide.

Every hero comes with a side-kick. The same goes for Star Wars. If you’re familiar with the movie, especially the older series such as ‘Return of the Jedi’ and the ‘Empire Strikes Back’, you’ll notice that Han frequently appears with Chewie while Luke had R2-D2 with him during his training. In Star Wars the Old Republic (SWTOR), the concept of companion prevails. In the game, companions are there to support and enhance the character gamers choose to play.

Companions themselves will have character and ideals in SWTOR, making the game very close to reality. For instance, some companion characters would join your cause just like that, while others are in it for the benefits or for a bit of adventure. The wide variety of available companions also makes it much more interesting and lively. From highly intelligent AIs, weird looking aliens, an SWTOR companion can go as far as being a beautiful princess.

Your interaction with your SWTOR companion also effects how the storyline develops. For example, your companion might point out destinations of interest. Which you choose to travel to and why will run its course in your character’s story. The catch with companions is that some may develop from just being friends into enemies or even your significant other.

In SWTOR, one character can have more than one companion. These companions are what

R2D2 @Tatooine

makes your character more powerful and unique. If you enjoy fiddling around with gears and equipping up your character, then good news! Companions can be equipped with a wide range of gear as well. You, along with your companions are viewed as a team. As your team grows, the game features new options as well as new team strategies given the more attributes, skills and characters to support each other. When doing certain quests, you’ll have a choice of which SWTOR companion to bring along. The same goes for everything else you do in the vast SWTOR universe.

Some of the known Star Wars the Old Republic companions are the Bowdaar, Tanno Vik, T7-O1, Mako, Kaliyo Djannis, Vette and Khem Val.

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SWTOR Skill Calculator

September 28th, 2011 by Lavi Lee

SWTOR Skill Calculator


Here’s an introductory guide to SWTOR Skill Calculator, for more in-dept information and gaming insights, check out this SWTOR Guide.

Are you one of those getting ready for the coming madness in December 20? All the hype and online news killing you? I feel exactly the same way. Preparing your computer so the specs are worthy of the game, buying accessories and upgrading your computer just for this release. But the biggest area that you should be prepared in is the thought of which character you will play and how you will build up the character.

Use this SWTOR Skill Calculator to determine where and how you will play throughout the galaxy.

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SWTOR Released!!!!

September 25th, 2011 by Hayden

SWTOR MMO release dateProbably the biggest news of the century!! Probably not for everyone, but definitely for me. Let’s get to the point. Bioware and Lucasarts has finally revealed the release date of the long awaited Star Wars The Old Republic – SWTOR.

This huge SWTOR mmo will be released on December 20. Bioware and Lucasarts announced this morning that the SWTOR release will be making its official debut in North America on December 20, with a European launch 2 days later, 22nd of December.


“This is an incredible moment for everyone at Bioware and our partners at Lucasarts who have dedicated their lives to build this extraordinary game. We appreciate the patience from the millions of fans who have been waiting for the game’s release,” said Bioware co-founder Dr. Ray Muzyka during the keynote at the 2011 Eurogamer Expo.

Based on traditional MMOs, SWTOR will start with 30 days of free play time and several subscription models are announced as well.

1 month: $14.99/month
3 months: $13.99/month
6 months: $12.99/month

Pre-orders of the game are still in 3 different editions – Collector’s, Digital Deluxe, and Standard –come with special early access to the MMO.

If you’re looking for more than preliminary info, this SWTOR Guide is recommended. The manual is also available as part of a SWTOR Complete Guides Bundle; further recommended for serious SWTOR gamers.


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