SWTOR Bounty Hunter Guide

December 16th, 2010 by Jack Matthews

Star Wars the Old Republic has recently released a new class, the Bounty Hunter. As a SWTOR Bounty Hunter you are trying to win entry into the great hunt. Keeping with the style of the iconic bounty hunters in the films your missions are personal, as well as for personal gain. SWTOR Bounty Hunter has incorporated the first ever fully voiced MMO. This means every NPC in the game has its very own unique recorded dialog. Every dialog with a NPC has different options and each choice is important as it changed how that particular mission will run.

SWTOR Bounty Hunter

The SWTOR Bounty hunter starts on Hutta, the world of the Hutts. The world looks distinctly old republic era star wars in a planet scarred and polluted by the Hutts. The bounty hunter is a ranged class starting with blasters, and rocket launchers, and an assortment of gadgets. The gadgets give the Bounty hunter more diversity by allowing the character to drop shields to hide behind or even stun you target instead of simply blasting it away.

SWTOR Bounty hunter is a very loose form of brotherhood, filled with distrust as even your employer may have a hidden agenda that will end up with your head on a platter. The class is focused around different missions that require bringing in or killing dangerous animals, or even more dangerous people. The bounty hunter is a morally ambiguous class, sometimes working for very evil people, but not necessarily evil themselves. This gives the Star Wars world a class that isn’t necessarily part of the dark side, or the light side, but a character set in grey.

The story that you create with your bounty hunter focuses around the hunt itself. Every mission that you accept flushes out how you as a bounty hunter choose to be. Are you going to choose a hunter with a strict sense of honor, or will you accept money from your bounty then lie to your employer about his death. This new class of character gives a perfect neutral character to choose between good or evil. Or even to choose none of the above and run with your own sense of morality, giving the player the ability to create their own personal Star Wars saga.

For more detailed information about Bounty Hunter, check out this SWTOR Bounty Hunter Guide.

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SWTOR Sith Warrior Guide

December 5th, 2010 by admin

Even 3,500 years before Anakin Skywalker turned to the dark side of the Force, the Sith were strong, and wanted their empire to run the galaxy. Star Wars: The Old Republic is a new Massively Multiplayer Online game that takes place in that time period. The game gives you many options for character classes, including SWTOR Sith Warrior.

Sith Warriors

Given to the task of destroying the enemies of the Empire, the SWTOR Sith Warrior is an incredibly strong force of Darkness. The Warrior uses his anger, fear, and hatred to rid himself of weaknesses, and clings to the dark side in the hope of becoming indestructible. SWTOR Sith Warriors are the driving force behind the Sith armies, and they will push and push until the Empire holds the galaxy under its thumb.

Sith Warriors are natural leaders, capable of inspiring their allies and followers through fear. Though Warriors lean so heavily on the Force, they are also willing to wear heavy armor or even try biological augmentation. However, the SWTOR Sith Warrior relies on his lightsaber only slightly less than the Force. Some Sith warriors will even use two lightsabers at once, or use fighting styles that are not traditional to the Sith. They use strong, heavy swings to keep their enemies down, and wield their hatred to add power the Force, and scare and even kill them. If you’re planning on playing a Sith, would also be worth it to check what the Sith Inquisitor have in store for you.

The first specialization for the Warrior class is the Juggernaut. The juggernaut boasts unrivaled stamina on the battlefield, and uses his control of the Force to make himself nearly invincible. They rush into any battle, and take the brunt of the assault to make room for allies to do their part. The second specialization is the Marauder. A Marauder is incredibly aggressive, and wields two lightsabers at once. He has the talent of finding holes in an enemy’s defense, and is always moving to put them down for good.

When a Sith Warrior has need to travel the galaxy, the Fury is their ship. Boasting an advanced hyperdrive and sub-light speed capabilities, the Fury is the most capable ship in the Empire’s fleet. It is just as agile as the smaller fleet ships, but has the firepower of any large military ship.

For more detailed information about Sith Warrior, check out this SWTOR Sith Warrior Guide.

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