SWTOR Trooper Guide

January 20th, 2011 by admin

Fans of online gaming and also of the movie saga Star Wars will be ecstatic to know that one of the available classes to play will the Trooper. The SWTOR trooper has made his appearance in all Star Wars movies, cartoons, and novels. Known as the military defense of the Republic these fighters are a worthy opponent.

The SWTOR Troopers have the will to fight and the courage to be brave when others falter. They do not have any Lightsabers or special Force abilities; they have the cognitive mind for strategy and combat. For decades they have protected the Republic and fought against the power Sith Empire. These troopers never back down until they are ordered to do so and lay their lives on the line to protect and defend their civilization. The Republic Trooper is a class that embodies all of the Republic’s military’s most highest aspirations. They are the most advanced fight force in the galaxy. Besides their powerful gear and deadly arsenal of equipment, the Trooper’s greatest asset and weapon is their spirit. They have an unwavering sense of duty and undying loyalty to their Republic and also to each other. These ordinary men become extraordinary on the battlefield.

These courageous SWTOR Troopers also have an ally to fight beside. These elite Troopers have partnered with the Jedi to defend and protect the Republic. This is a powerful force that should not be taken lightly by the enemy! Not that that the SWTOR Troopers are guided by the Jedi Knight, but they work together against the Sith Empire.

In this online game the SWTOR Trooper can unleash an unrivaled source of firepower against their enemies. Players will be able to use the Troopers infamous blaster rifle and will wield protective battle gear. He will also have grenades and a rocket launcher for use. This will make him both a great ranged and area of effect class. Players will have fun running into the middle of the battle to blast their enemies or have a more stealth like approach by taking cover to defend oneself before firing. There are a ton of skills and abilities that players can choose from if they are in a bind making this class a fun and challenging one to master.

Star Wars The Old Republic is not just an ordinary MMORPG. Players will have the ability to develop their Trooper’s own story line. Perhaps a player will want their hero Trooper to fall to the wayside and go the way of the Sith or perhaps will always want to fight along side the Jedi and protect their beloved Republic. The choice is theirs to take in this exciting new game.

Looking for more advanced content? Check out this SWTOR Trooper Guide which comes highly recommended.

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SWTOR Smuggler Guide

January 10th, 2011 by Marcus


In Star Wars: The Old Republic, it is 3,500 years before the rise of Darth Vader, and though the galaxy sits on a shaky truce between the Republic and the Sith, it is chaotic and lawlessness is common. Star Wars: The Old Republic is a new Massively Multiplayer Online game, where the player gets to choose their class, and become part of the Star Wars universe.

The game takes place thousands of years before Han Solo joined the rebels, but there is still a need for people with a loose moral code, to help carry contraband throughout the galaxy. One of the classes a player can pick from is a SWTOR Smuggler. As a Smuggler, your character will be called upon to haul cargo from one end of the galaxy to the other. You will have to break a lot of rules along the way, but you will be able to turn quite the profit, if you can handle the pressure.

Though Smugglers skirt the laws on both sides, most have chosen to ally themselves with the Republic, in the hope of staying out from under the thumb of a Sith empire. The Smuggler must be smart, cunning, and always ready to gamble, even on his own life. Although they don’t get the benefits of much armor or big guns, a SWTOR Smuggler is always dressed for action, and usually has one or two light and quick blasters at his side.

You can choose from one of two different specializations, once you have decided on a SWTOR Smuggler for your character. The Gunslinger is great at trick shots, and always happy to dive for cover and shoot out an enemy’s legs. He will do whatever he must to end a disagreement, and his dual blasters are the perfect tools to keep him ready to fight another day.

The second Smuggler specialization is the Scoundrel. The Scoundrel is not worried about etiquette or fighting clean. He always has a blaster for fighting, and a stealth belt to help him get out alive. He will do his best to stay invisible, and always shoots first.

The XS Stock Light is the Smuggler’s ship, and it has all of the comforts of the modern galaxy. Even with all the extra cargo space and secret compartments, it is still one of the quickest ships in the galaxy. Great for hiding the captain if you get boarded, or even fighting your way out of a tight spot.

There you go, a short guide to the Smuggler. For more detailed content and gaming strategies, check out SWTOR Smuggler Guide.

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