SWTOR Troopers Video

May 29th, 2011 by admin

Below is an overview to Troopers. More detailed content and coverage of the topic could be found in this SWTOR Trooper Guide.

Released by Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG comes the new video featuring the SWTOR trooper class. Play up this new character and gain access to more specific kinds of training, new skills, and the use of new gear. Climb up the Republic military ladder and specialize in the different class, Commando and Vanguard.

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SWTOR LucasArts

May 25th, 2011 by Jack Matthews

The official LucasArts logo


SWTOR is the newest installment from LucasArts, founded by the famous George Lucas. The company was established since 1982 as George wanted to branch out to other types of media rather than just movies and novels. Most gamers should be familiar with the latest title by LucasArts, Star Wars The Force Unleashed II which is known for its compelling story and engaging combat system.

SWTOR LucasArts is scheduled to be released around September 2011. However, latest news has cited that LucasArts and Electronics Arts would like to push back the games release until the first quarter of 2012. Planning to set a new trend for MMORPG genre, LucasArts adds lots of new features and game mechanics to have a game which players will feel more interacted with the game as their actions will have an effect on the storyline and NPCs’ reaction. The classes are also not limited to the traditional type with healer, tank, DPS and such. Players can customize their role on the fly which will change the nature of the game for good. No more playing a class that you don’t like just to fill up the missing role in the group. This is something SWTOR LucasArts is trying to bring to the market.

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SWTOR Lightsaber

May 23rd, 2011 by admin

Lightsaber crafting

This article provides a preliminary guide for SWTOR Lightsaber, more advanced content such as related gameplay strategies could be found in this SWTOR Guide.

Any Star Wars fan knows that there is nothing cooler than the ability to wield the laser sword known as lightsaber, since wielding a SWTOR lightsaber symbolize a user’s control over the force. Everyone dreams of a chance to have their very own lightsaber and if you can’t have it in real life, having one (or several) in game might suffice.

In SWTOR, you can choose to be either a Jedi or a Sith in order to gain access to the ability to wield a lightsaber. There is a slight difference in appearance between a Jedi lightsaber and a Sith lightsaber. A Jedi lightsaber would come in either green or blue due to the crystal called Adegan, also known as Ilum crystals which the Jedi uses to craft the lightsaber and can be found only in the Crystal cave on Ilum. In contrast, a Sith lightsaber emits red or sometimes purple plasma because of the synthetic crystal within the hilt.

SWTOR Lightsaber crafting will be available though specific details of how it will turn out have not been revealed yet. However there is a video showing a Jedi constructing a lightsaber in a cave followed by a scene where the Jedi is then attacked by a monster.

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SWTOR Gamplay Guide – Flashpoints

May 8th, 2011 by Marcus

Group dungeons are common in most MMORPGs, in SWTOR, group dungeons are referred to flashpoints. So what does flashpoint gameplay entail? Similarly to dungeon attempts in other games, in SWTOR, you would take on flashpoints together with a group. SWTOR flashpoints are repeatable and involves the completion of quest to gain rewards.

Flashpoints in the game would come in two types, those that are specific to each faction (the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic) and those that both factions could attempt. How is SWTOR flashpoint gameplay different? Gamers will be able to control how the story goes in SWTOR flashpoints. Also, depending on how players make their choice, the rewards would differ as well. With that gamer driven feature, the SWTOR gameplay of flashpoints have good replay value.

Single player missions are not called flashpoints and considered another type of SWTOR gameplay. In generic terms, single player quests are called missions in Star Wars the Old Republic. Players who enjoys WoW-type gameplay would enjoy SWTOR flashpoints given that they are in fact repeatable, short to complete and specifies certain group sizes.

If you’re looking for more than preliminary info, this SWTOR Guide is recommended. The manual is also available as part of a SWTOR Complete Guides Bundle; further recommended for serious SWTOR gamers.

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