About Us

SWTORGuide.net is brought about by three long time gamers with a passion for space-themed games. Our aim is to make mini SWTOR guides available publicly for fellow MMORPG gamers and SWTOR fans of course. Stay tuned to SWTORGuide.net for more information and details about Star Wars the Old Republic. When paid guides become available, we will also be adding our reviews here. Happy reading.

Meet our team

Vera Cannon

Meet our founder Vera. She’s a big Star Wars fan with a passion and a dream that one day she will create a hub for all Star Wars geeks. Her most favorite character is the Starkiller from Star Wars the Force Unleashed. He might not live that long but his powerful force is something to be reckoned with. She usually spends her pastime googling around searching for every trace of Star Wars news.

Jack Matthews

He is the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to all Star Wars things. He’s someone you’ll run to if you want to know something about Star Wars. Unlike Vera though, Jack prefers to dig in to the Star Wars novel rather than playing games. “We can’t just leave the Star Wars games out of the picture though. It’s part of Star Wars universe” when asked to reply to our question as to why he’s so interested in SWTOR?

Marcus Bernd

Marcus is the newest member. He’s actually a reader who contacted us saying that he too was a big fan of Star Wars and wanted to be part of our site and that he always wanted to be a writer and all that jazz. We had him write one article and boom we had a new force. : )