SWTOR Companions – A Quick Guide

October 15th, 2011 by Marcus

SWTOR Bowdaar Chewbacca

Here’s an introductory guide to SWTOR Companions, for more in-dept information and gaming insights, check out this SWTOR Guide.

Every hero comes with a side-kick. The same goes for Star Wars. If you’re familiar with the movie, especially the older series such as ‘Return of the Jedi’ and the ‘Empire Strikes Back’, you’ll notice that Han frequently appears with Chewie while Luke had R2-D2 with him during his training. In Star Wars the Old Republic (SWTOR), the concept of companion prevails. In the game, companions are there to support and enhance the character gamers choose to play.

Companions themselves will have character and ideals in SWTOR, making the game very close to reality. For instance, some companion characters would join your cause just like that, while others are in it for the benefits or for a bit of adventure. The wide variety of available companions also makes it much more interesting and lively. From highly intelligent AIs, weird looking aliens, an SWTOR companion can go as far as being a beautiful princess.

Your interaction with your SWTOR companion also effects how the storyline develops. For example, your companion might point out destinations of interest. Which you choose to travel to and why will run its course in your character’s story. The catch with companions is that some may develop from just being friends into enemies or even your significant other.

In SWTOR, one character can have more than one companion. These companions are what

R2D2 @Tatooine

makes your character more powerful and unique. If you enjoy fiddling around with gears and equipping up your character, then good news! Companions can be equipped with a wide range of gear as well. You, along with your companions are viewed as a team. As your team grows, the game features new options as well as new team strategies given the more attributes, skills and characters to support each other. When doing certain quests, you’ll have a choice of which SWTOR companion to bring along. The same goes for everything else you do in the vast SWTOR universe.

Some of the known Star Wars the Old Republic companions are the Bowdaar, Tanno Vik, T7-O1, Mako, Kaliyo Djannis, Vette and Khem Val.

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