SWTOR Jedi Knight Guide

November 26th, 2010 by Marcus

Jedi Knight

This article is a good starting point to learn about Jedi Knight. Check out this SWTOR Jedi Knight Guide for more advanced details, insights and gameplay tactics.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a new Massively Multiplayer Online Game, where the players will get an exciting gaming experience, and the chance to play a character in the Star Wars universe. There are many different classes available for play, including SWTOR Jedi Knight.

The game takes place around 3,500 years before Darth Vader makes his rise to power. The galaxy sits in a strenuous truce between the Sith and the Republic after decades of war, and as a SWTOR Jedi Knight it is your duty to help ensure that the evil Sith do not find a way to take control. The Jedi are a symbol of hope for the galaxy, and their skills are honed through years of training and dedication. Peace is the hope of every Jedi, and the galaxy looks to them to find it.

When playing a SWTOR Jedi Knight, your character will be able to wear the classic, traditional Jedi robes, as well as leather or even heavy armor. Of course, as a Jedi Knight, your character will wield a light saber to help bring down the Sith. Other than the Force, a Jedi’s light saber is the best tool he has to defend himself from a Sith attack, or even blaster fire.

There are two specializations to choose from, once you have decided to be a SWTOR Jedi Knight. Guardians have perfect concentration, and their control of the Force allows them perfectly smooth movements, even in heavy armor. This makes the guardian very hard to defeat, and they make for great leaders on the battlefield, as well as off. The second specialization choice is the Sentinel. The Jedi Sentinel is a beacon of focus and control, and are great for finding holes in an enemy’s defense. They are continually training and learning, and even have the ability to learn to use two light sabers at the same time.

When traveling around the galaxy, the Jedi Knight has a ship that was custom built for the Jedi Order, called the Defender. It is a Corellian ship, and it was chosen for the Jedi when the council decided that Republic military vehicles were not suitable for the Jedi’s special missions. The ship has areas for diplomatic meetings, a medical bay, and of course, a place for your Jedi to rest and meditate on the Force. The defender also has shields and twin blasters, for those emergency situations when a Jedi must fight. For Jedi fans who prefers using the force more than physical battle, get an overview of what the Jedi Consular class has in store for you.

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Star Wars The Old Republic Species

August 12th, 2010 by admin

Here’s an introductory guide to Star Wars The Old Republic Species, for more in-dept information and gaming insights, check out this SWTOR Guide.

In Star Wars The Old Republic species, developers have revealed four new playable species: Sith Purebloods, Miraluka, Mirialans and the Zabraks. Humans will also play a role in the game. Depending on factions, each class can further progress by specializing in being: Jedi Knights or Consulars, Sith Warriors or Inquisitors. Bounty Hunters, Smugglers and Troopers are also classes to chose from.

Sith PureBlood

The non-human, red-skinned Sith Purebloods are a powerful force in the game. With such history of being decendants of the fallen Sith Lords Naga Sadow and Marka Ragnos, this makes them formidable foes as rage fuels their fight. Sith Purebloods can specialize in being Sith Warriors.


Near-Human Miraluka, considered to be blind in the sense that they cannot see due to their homeworld Alpheridies has no light waves to speak of, they depend on using the force as their guide. This class can specialize on being a Jedi Knight (which can be classified as either a Sentinel or Guardian). Helms are embelshed and hide their face.


Mirialans come from Mirial, which is an unforgiving planet with cold deserts throughout the land. They can become Jedi Consulars and are the most wise out of the classes. Key features with this speicies is that they have symbolic tattoos over their faces, are green skinned or pale hued, and have an ubundant agility.


The history of the Zabraks of Star Wars The Old Republic species, is that of a proud and aggressive race. Red skinned with horns and tattoos, this class can specialize at being a Sith Inquisitor. Because of their own brand of intimidation, they are feared by all.


Twi’lek have a most notable feature, the double tentacle like formations on their head. Their skin tones range in color from white to red. They are most notably classed as Smugglers.


Rattataki are also announced as part of the Star Wars The Old Republic species. Their race is steeped with violence, and daily life consisted of being a warrior or gladiator. Bounty Hunters do well for this species.


Chiss, on the other hand, is a humanoid specie with black hair, red eyes and blue skin. Their homeworld Csilla is a cold and barren place of frozen land and ice. Normally, they are a peaceful people. They can also specialize in becoming Imperial Agents.Humans are also included. There are many combinations available to chose from for customizing your character in game. Check out the Star Wars Old Republic Guide for more detail.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic “Deceived” Cinematic Trailer

February 18th, 2010 by admin

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