SWTOR Advanced Classes – Skill Tree and Specialization Guide

September 20th, 2011 by Lavi Lee

Below is an overview to Skill Tree and Specialization Guide. More detailed content and coverage of the topic could be found in this SWTOR Complete Guides Bundle.

The classes in Star Wars the Old Republic are further broken down into advanced classes. The availability of SWTOR advanced classes makes it possible for gamers to further customize their characters to suit their playstyle. At the moment, each class offers two advanced classes. Although the option lets gamers further specialize themselves, the advanced classes will have the same background story. Star Wars the Old Republic has kept it this way to ensure a well balanced game. The specializations will let players take on different roles when playing in parties and have different combat styles throughout.

Each SWTOR advanced class have their own set of abilities and skills. In other words, if you play a Jedi Guardian or a Jedi Sentinel, you will find that they offer very different abilities although they are both branches of the Jedi Knight class. The advanced classes will also, however have a set of what is called a shared skill set which basically marks them as Jedi Knights.

Before being able to choose an advanced class in Star Wars the Old Republic, you would need to first select the base class to play. How different is ‘different’ when it comes to the advanced classes? Here’s an example for you. The Jedi Guardian is, in more common terms, coined as the tank while the Jedi Sentinel is a damage dealer, aka DPS. Once you hit level 10, you would be able to make your SWTOR advanced class choice.

In practice, when choosing your advanced class, you are actually choosing the skill and allocating more points to certain skills. The use of skill trees in Star Wars the Old Republic is very much like most other MMORPGs. As you level up your character, you also gain skill points along the way. Adding these points to your skill tree enables you to further specialize your character. In SWTOR, there are a total of three skill trees you could spend points on simultaneously.

Here’s an overview of the SWTOR advanced classes:

Jedi Consular
The two specializations or so called advanced classes are Shadow and Sage. As a Jedi Shadow, you would be playing a mid-ranged damage dealer with tanking abilities and a long-ranged damage dealer with healing skills as a Jedi Sage.

Jedi Knight
The choices for the Jedi Knight is as a Jedi Guardian or a Jedi Sentinel. As a Guardian, you would be playing a tank with abilities to inspire your team. As a Jedi Sentinel, you would be playing as a primary damage dealer.

The two advanced classes for the SWTOR smuggler are the Gunslinger and the Scoundrel. Both classes uses the pistol, long ranged and short ranged respectively.

The two options for the Trooper class are the Commando and Vanguard. Vanguards are known for their defensive abilities, thus, specializing as a tank. The Commando deal heave damage with their massive blasters.

Bounty Hunter
The first Bounty Hunter advanced class is the Powertech. As a Powertech you would be playing as a tank with mid-ranged damage dealing abilities. As a Bounty Hunter Mercenary, you would be a ranged-DPS with healing skills.

Imperial Agent
The two choices for Imperial Agents are Operative and Sniper. The first offers a combination of damage dealing and healing abilities. The second, the Operative, specializes as a ranged-DPS.

Sith Inquisitor
The advanced classes for the Sith Inquisitor are Sorcerer and Assassin. As a Sorcerer, you would be using force lightening to deal randed damage and heal allies. As an Assassin, you’re skills revolve around stealth and melee DPS.

Sith Warrior
Sith Warriors have two advanced classes to choose from as well which are the Marauder and the Juggernaut. The Juggernaut can take both defensive and offensive stance whereas the Marauder is a pure damage dealer.

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