SWTOR Credits Guide: the Way of Crafting

November 6th, 2011 by Jack Matthews

This article provides a preliminary guide for the Way of Crafting, more advanced content such as related gameplay strategies could be found in this SWTOR Credits Guide.

So how does SWTOR credits play its role in determining the game’s economy? It’s not yet possible to do a complete analysis of how the currency plays out in Star Wars the Old Republic. This article provides a good starting point for anyone who wants to learn more about SWTOR credits.

First off, from the updates and players’ speculations, crafting is likely to be a big thing in SWTOR. Thus, it would be reasonable to assume that one of the popular means to make SWTOR credits when the game is released will be via crafting. So far, it’s likely that the crafting system will let you craft epic items which are more or less in line with dungeon rewards. There is also the possibility to end up crafting items that are a bit more than dungeon loots. These are items that will earn the sellers lots of money when sold off.

Other things to consider in light of this crafting speculation is that everyone who are trying to make lots of money will use crafting as a means to earn those SWTOR credits. In other words, everyone will be trying to max out their crafting skills. Which also suggest that crafting items and materials will be even more difficult to come by and also become more expensive over time.

With this chain of effect, it would mean that gamers will also be able to sell away crafting materials at an even higher price than the market as well. Yet another way to earn SWTOR credits.

The good news is that in SWTOR, gamers can take on both crafting and gathering at once. With the availability of crew skills, you could also send your crew to go gathering for you.

Another rather obvious means to make SWTOR credit for the experienced MMORPG gamer is hoarding. When the game is first released, everyone will be on the race to max their crafting skills. Be quick to gather and sell away those crafting materials and items. When the price drops because the first wave of crafters have hit the crafting cap, that’s when you buy and gather the items again at a lower price for future investment. Sounds just like the stock market doesn’t it. The beauty is crafting epic items with your low-cost materials (the same ones earlier gamers bought at a higher price) to make even more profit.

For more details about the currency, stay tunned for more updates from swtorguide.net.

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