SWTOR Starship Guide

October 28th, 2011 by Hayden

Here’s an overview of SWTOR Starship. For more information and gameplay recommendations, check out this SWTOR Guide.

In the vast galaxy, the means for traveling is via starships. These starships are thus nothing new and have been used for traveling in hyperspace for millennias. Over time, the technology supporting these ships continue to advance and evolve, offering captains of the ships and its occupants with more and more features. This post, guides you with information about all the six SWTOR starships.

For ships that travel outside the secure hyperlanes, the defense and weapon technology used must be advanced enough to ensure secure traveling. During the war, many new and upgraded versions of starships were designed by the engineers of the Galactic Republic. Like all sorts of high-tech weaponry, some of the most advanced starships did end up in the black market and to the hands of the Sith Empire’s Bounty Hunters.

The currently known starships in SWTOR are the D5-Mantis, Fury, BT-Thunderclap, Phantom, XS Freighter and the Defender. The best word to describe the SWTOR D5-Mantis starship is the word ‘fight’. The starship has independent power supplies and is capable to significantly pack itself into carrier ships. The SWTOR D5-Mantis is a rather rare ship. Due to the cost of building these starships, the number of Mantis starships flying in the galaxy is rare.

SWTOR Defender Ship

Then there’s the Star Wars the Old Republic Fury. This starship features a hyperdrive and is know to be the most versatile ship of the Imperial fleet. The Fury is most popular among the Sith Lords. The BT-7 Thunderclap is an assault starship. It’s designed for fast deployment which is advantageous during combat situations. The ship has one of the best armor plating and heavy laser cannons.

The X-70B Phantom is developed from years of research and is one of the known ships of the Imperial Navy. The XS Freighter is known to be one of the fastest ships in space. The ship is suitable for cargo given that it has secret compartments to keep important shipment hidden. Last but not least is the Defender. This starship was developed during the Great War specifically for the Jedi Order. The ship has been built to support the Jedi’s specialized mission as oppose to general military power.

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