SWTOR SDCC – ‘The Essles’ Developer Walkthrough

July 31st, 2011 by Lavi Lee

Here’s an overview of SWTOR. For more information and gameplay recommendations, check out this SWTOR Guide.

At the event of the San Diego Comic-Con, a few lucky gamers had the chance to play through a Flashpoint called ‘The Esseles’. This Flashpoint’s mision was to collectively protect a high-ranking diplomat and fend off Imperial boarding parties. These lucky players were allowed to experience a true Republic hero and take a feel of the game very early on.

For all those who missed the SWTOR SDCC, don’t worry. We have posted up the latest video featuring developr commentary from Dallas Dickinson himself, the Director of Production. View this new video and tell us what you think and if its got you excited. Don’t forget you can also pre-order your copy of Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR Pre-Order)

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SWTOR Tatooine Developer Walkthrough

June 9th, 2011 by admin

Below is an overview to SWTOR. More detailed content and coverage of the topic could be found in this SWTOR Guide.

The new official released video of SWTOR gameplay on Tatooine. Gameplay walkthrough is described by Dallas Dickinson, Director of Production. This released Tatooine Developer video is similar to what Daniel Erickson and Stephen Reid showed us on the first day of the amazing E3 . Watch and drool over this video. Official video can be found at Swtor.com

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SWTOR Gamplay Guide – Flashpoints

May 8th, 2011 by Marcus

Group dungeons are common in most MMORPGs, in SWTOR, group dungeons are referred to flashpoints. So what does flashpoint gameplay entail? Similarly to dungeon attempts in other games, in SWTOR, you would take on flashpoints together with a group. SWTOR flashpoints are repeatable and involves the completion of quest to gain rewards.

Flashpoints in the game would come in two types, those that are specific to each faction (the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic) and those that both factions could attempt. How is SWTOR flashpoint gameplay different? Gamers will be able to control how the story goes in SWTOR flashpoints. Also, depending on how players make their choice, the rewards would differ as well. With that gamer driven feature, the SWTOR gameplay of flashpoints have good replay value.

Single player missions are not called flashpoints and considered another type of SWTOR gameplay. In generic terms, single player quests are called missions in Star Wars the Old Republic. Players who enjoys WoW-type gameplay would enjoy SWTOR flashpoints given that they are in fact repeatable, short to complete and specifies certain group sizes.

If you’re looking for more than preliminary info, this SWTOR Guide is recommended. The manual is also available as part of a SWTOR Complete Guides Bundle; further recommended for serious SWTOR gamers.

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