SWTOR Guide – Datacrons and Matrix Cubes

April 5th, 2015 by Hayden

What exactly are datacrons and matix cubes? Why would you want to learn about them or make use of them in SWTOR? Easy. Datacrons are basically hidden elements found at various hidden locations in the vast Star Wars galaxies. Players who come across them can consider themselves very lucky given that these elements provide extra stats and bonuses.

How to spot a datacron? Although they are hidden in the more difficult-to-access parts of the game, when you do come across them, they can quite easily be identified given they radiate a glow. Word usually goes around where datacrons are hidden, thus knowing where they are located isn’t the difficult part. Getting to them however, is an entirely different topic since it involves puzzles and all that logic headache.

The great news is, if you successfully get to a datacron, you get a permanent stats increase.

Here’s a quick guide to which datacron offers what bonuses. Note that the extend of the statistics boost depends on the type of datacron and the planet.

* Strength – Red
* Endurance – Green
* Aim – White
* Willpower – Purple
* Presence – Yellow
* Cunning – Yellow

Besides stat boosts, some datacrons gives a Matrix Shard. These are what are used to assemble Matrix Cubes. So far, the known Matrix Shards comes in 4 colors: red, blue, yellow and green.

These shards can be assembled using what is called an assembler to create Matrix Cubes, which give more than 1 statistic boost. For example, a level 32 cube combined using a Blue, Red and Red shard will yield give the following stats boost: 22 End, 29 Will, 14 Crit.

Well, there you go. A fast track SWTOR guide to Datacrons and Matrix Cubes!

A single matrix shard serves no purpose, but in sets of three they can prove extremely valuable to the player in the form of a Matrix Cube via an assembler.

For a more in-depth insight into Datacrons and Matrix Cubes, please refer to this SWTOR Guide.

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SWTOR Leveling Guide Preview

March 27th, 2015 by Hayden

Time is nearly up for the long awaited Star Wars: The Old Republic launch. Were all excited about it and preparing for the game by buying cd-keys and pre-ordering to get that color-stone. Customizing that lightsaber of ours to our color preference and that SWTOR model to be placed on that shelf in your room so your friends can admire.


If you are some of the lucky ones, you’ve actually beta tested the game. This post is really to share you some details on some of the info I have read up on online and it seems like there aren’t really any guides promoted for the game yet. Came across one site called KillerGuides and checked out their SWTOR Strategy guide. As the game is not officially out yet, I haven’t placed my money yet even though they already have it selling. But to think that I would have a expert gamers perspective on the mmo SWTOR was pretty cool. A whole SWTOR leveling guide to myself. If any of you have seen any other guides out in the market, feel free to share here.

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SWTORGuide.net Reviews Killer Guides’ Leveling and Strategy Guide

March 20th, 2015 by Hayden

Strategy Guide
Rating: ★★★★★
Author: Anima Lucat
Price: 29.99 USD
Updates: Free

Guides Bundle
Rating: ★★★★½
Authors: Anima Lucat, Traci Behringer, Matthew Suttles, Scott Campbell
Price: 89.99 USD
Updates: Free

After hearing them getting recommended a number of times I finally decided to give Killer Guides a try. ‘Recommended a number of times’ is probably a slight understatement: Nearly half the blogs I’m following seem to have tried them already (or seem to endorse them at least), with the majority of them coming away with a very positive impression. I might be jumping a little on the bandwagon here, but I’m sure I wasn’t the only one when I talked about the announcement of SWTOR’s release date or beta phases either. So here goes my personal take on Killer Guides:

They currently seem to offer 18 different guides (a leveling guide, a credits guide and 16 advanced class guides) for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Looking at their other games that seems to be pretty much the norm for them. Nice change from the one-size-fits all strategy and leveling guides you usually get stuck with. It probably caters even more to SWTOR than other games, given the quest lines for each individual class (makes me wonder though how much overlap there is in a game like Aion where every single class on one faction goes through the same content…).

SWTOR Strategy GuideBased on my experience with the game so far, I was looking for some new ideas on crew management (left them on auto-pilot most of the time in the past), trade skills (still unsure what makes the most credits really) and of course on how to level up my character faster. Thus I decided to go with their general guide. It turned out upon checkout they actually offer you to get all guides for SWTOR in one bundle at a 90%(!) discount … tempted, but there’s no way I can fit 18 reviews on the blog. After paying via PayPal, I received an e-mail right away with my login details for their member area where I was able to download the guide.

To make a long story short: It’s really good.

I’ve been quite involved with SWTOR for a number months and soaked up pretty much all I could find in the game, on other blogs, and during (a lot of) hours spent on the forums. Yet, what first stood out, was that the guide tended to have some advanced advice in even some of the most basic sections that I hadn’t heard of before. I’m not sure if they had some inside access or just had a lot more people working on this than appears, but the depth and extent of the provided strategies is staggering. Of course some sections like a guideline on character creation were not really earth-shattering, but about 10 minutes into the guide I was actually taking notes(!) on things to try next time I logged in.

The crew management section is solid. It gave me a pretty good idea on how I could improve the performance of solo and duo play. It left me with quite a few new tactics that actually did improve the rate at which I got through missions and other content. Same goes for the equipment section – again some new ideas and pointers that probably will get me another 20% extra out of my character. Not the world, but at this rate, it seriously adds up. The provided strategies are actually geared towards different levels, so there’s something for newbies as well as for the end game.

Which brings me to the heart of the guide: The leveling section. I never heralded big hopes for landing a server first, but given the level of detail here, I’m actually tempted to give it a serious shot (of course me posting this review isn’t really helping this, but I figure I have somewhat of an advanced start). I always thought that SWTOR leveling was rather intuitive with the main class-line laid out in front of you and lots of other missions on the way. Turns out, that you can actually save quite a bit of time by being selective about which extra content you take up and which you pass on. And then there’s those missions that seem confusing at first, but are actually great experience and gear upgrade sources if you don’t have to spend time figuring it out for yourself.

Last but not least there’s a credit section. I was mostly curious about making extra cash through crew skills along the way instead of becoming a credit-amassing Hutt. Thus I figured the credit section in the general guide would suffice (versus the full-fledged credits guide that Killer Guides also offers). To my surprise it turns out there are better money-making options along the way than putting your companion to work. Don’t get me wrong, the guide has a great section on crew skills, but ultimately it recommends other strategies to optimize your income while leveling up. From what I tested so far that holds true – I guess it does (literally) pay to listen to others (or at least read them) every now and then.

In summary, I’m quite happy with the $29.99 I spent on the guide. It’s a solid piece of reference that starts with the basics and goes on to provide a wealth of advanced advice that most veteran SWTOR players could learn quite a bit from. The contained leveling guide is far beyond any other leveling guide I’ve come across and that alone is probably worth the money already. Maybe I should have gone with the full bundle right away (give that it is the same price as 3 individual guides), but later on you’re always wiser. If you want to give Killer Guides’ strategy and leveling guide a shot yourself, you can find it here.

Happy leveling!

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November 19th, 2011 by Hayden

Here’s an overview of SWTOR Guide. For more information and gameplay recommendations, check out this SWTOR Complete Guides Bundle.

This article is a preliminary SWTOR guide that explains details and some background about the game. Star Wars the Old Republic is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game) by Bioware and LucasArts which is based on the popular big screen film, Star Wars by LucasFilms.

The storyline is driven by the original theme, the never-ending conflict between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. The entire SWTOR story occurs in the time before Dark Vader and Luke Skywalker. SWTOR is all about choosing an alliance a class to play and battling your way through missions and the vast galaxy with your allies.

The game offers unique features including space combat, the availability of crew skills and entire starships to manage. Fans of the movie will be able to experience everything they love about Star Wars first hand, from the cute beeping of R2D2 and his fellow C2PO, encountering familiar races and of course the black market. The available classes are also all derived from characters created in George Lucas’ Star Wars. The known available classes would of course include the popular Jedi. So far, there are eight known classes which are the Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, Trooper, Bounty Hunter, Imperial Agent, Sith Warrior, Sith Inquisitor and the Smuggler class played by Harrison Ford as Hans Solo in the film.

As the story has it, the Galactic Republic’s main mission is to maintain peace and protect the people of the republic. The Republic’s protectors are the SWTOR Jedi Knights of the Jedi order. The other powerful opposing force in Star Wars: the Old Republic is the Sith Empire. Lead by the Dark Emperor, the Empire’s main objective is destroying the Republic and gaining complete power.

The game not only features high tech SWTOR starships to player’s enjoyment, but there are vast planets to explore and land on as well. Known planets so are are: Tython (the Jedi’s home), Korriban, Hutta, Ord Mantell, Coruscant, Balmorra, Alderaan, Tatooine, Dromundkaas, Taris, Belsavis, Voss, Hoth, Nar Shaddaa, Corellia, Ilum and Quesh. With that many number of planets, imagine just how large a game SWTOR is. Well folks, that’s it for our introductory SWTOR guide. Stay tuned for more details and guides about SWTOR that will be made available here at SWTORGuide.net.

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SWTOR Choose Your Side – Sith Inquisitor VS Trooper Trailer

November 13th, 2011 by Jack Matthews

Check out the latest video released from Bioware revealing more information on the Sith Inquisitor and Trooper. Watch as the video shows detailed information on their armor, weapons and how they revolve in the galaxy. Know how these characters use their class skills and its effects.

For more advanced content such as strategies and gaming hints, please refer to this SWTOR Complete Guides Bundle.

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September 22nd, 2011 by Jack Matthews

SEO Boss predicts that SWTOR could be the last paid subscription based MMO.

As we all know, competition in the MMO industry has never been so fierce. Battling between launch dates to capitalize on profits or rather to perfect the game. Developers have been put in the hot seat for quite some time already.

With more and more MMO games switching from subscription based to become a free-to-play model, Sony Online Entertainments Boss, Smedly, predicts that Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) may be the last MMO to use a subscription based model.

Smedley said:

There’s another large juggernaut coming out soon in Star Wars: from EA/Bioware. That’s a game that I think has a legitimate shot at a 2 million subscription user base and I believe they will stick with the subscription method. This is going to be the last large scale MMO to use the traditional subscription business model. Why do I think that? Simply put, the world is moving on from this model and over time people aren’t going to accept this method. I’m sure I’m going to hear a lot about this statement. But I am positive I’m right.”

He also reckoned & reasoned that this was also due to the economic climate that wasn’t doing too good.

“Economic times are hard out there and a recurring subscription is something that glares at you from a credit card bill every month. For some people, saving money starts with getting rid of subscriptions that hit the credit card.”

Tell us what you think subscription based games will fair in the future.

More advanced contents such as tips, hints and strategies is shared over at SWTOR Guide.

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SWTOR Guide – Smuggler Skills & Progression

September 11th, 2011 by admin

This article is a good starting point to learn about Smuggler Skills & Progression. Check out this SWTOR Smuggler Guide for more advanced details, insights and gameplay tactics.

Finally the hour has come for all Star Wars: The Old Republic fans. The wait was finally over last Friday as players were waiting for new updates.Revealed last Friday was the progression of the SWTOR Smuggler Class. View the video below and see if you can pick up some of the Smugglers abilities and armor sets. Watch how the Smuggler plays fights using misdirection and various other forms to enable sucker punches. Also see how the Smugglers are the master of the dual blasters.

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SWTOR at Comic-Con

July 17th, 2011 by Lavi Lee

comic-conOnly the largest event in North America for lovers of comics, movies and video games, each year the San Diego Comic-Con received hundreds of thousand of people. Looking forward to another big year for the event, Bioware and LucasArts have decided to appear at the Comic-Con to release more announcements about Star Wars: The Old Republic. More revealing information and of course give gamers a feel of the game by allowing them to have hands on experience.

Here is the schedule of the SWTOR at Comic-Con. With new gameplay footage and new playable builds on the SWTOR mmorpg, Comic-Con is sure to be packed full of exciting new things. Anyhow, we’ll keep you posted on all the Comic-Con updates!! Stay tuned!

More advanced contents such as tips, hints and strategies is shared over at SWTOR Complete Guides Bundle.

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SWTOR Maps and Updates

July 11th, 2011 by admin

This article is a good starting point to learn about SWTOR Maps. Check out this SWTOR Complete Guides Bundle for more advanced details, insights and gameplay tactics.

Star Wars: the Old Republic brings new updates from Damion Schuibert on the importance of the creation and use of maps. As maps are the most frequently used part of the interface, Bioware feels they need to create a perfect map so users get a great feel when using the map to navigate themselves around the land and planets.
swtor maps

The end result is that we have maps that can show astonishing details about the game world. Chairs, crates, statues – all manner of items show up on the map from a birds-eye view, giving the player a real sense of where they are in the world. The resulting map was in fact so good that early on, we found unexpected obstacles were appearing on the map. After investigation, it turned out they were chandeliers and rafters rendered near the ceiling.

Encountered by every mmorpg gamer is the massive world they are thrown into and sometimes if the UI is not correctly made from the beginning can cause catastrophic issues for gamers and the game creators. So for the the Old Republic, they realized that this was a unique problem they had to deal with straight from the beginning as the game also encourages you to wander around exploring the world.

In the beginning, once your character leaves their Origin World, other planets will be exponentially bigger and larger in land and area when compared to other mmo’s, sometimes 5 or 6 times larger. So note the importance of this Map UI, as without this map UI, players would be lost in an instant.
Star Wars: the Old Republic map

For more info on SWTOR maps and updates, visit SWTOR

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SWTOR Over 200 Hours of Gameplay Per Class

June 29th, 2011 by Lavi Lee

Ready your lightsabers for the most amazing and still highly anticipated game of the year, Star Wars the Old Republic. Electronic Arts and Bioware are still silent as the the SWTOR release date but details to the game are slowly being revealed, quenching the game-hungry gamers thirst for this grand mmorpg.

SWTOR Beta participants has shot over the roof, the sheer numbers of applicants have blown this game away and numerous amounts of gamers finally have had hands on experience of the game at E3.

Frank Gibeau, EA Games head had a chat with Industrygamers recently to discuss events regarding their developments costs of the game SWTOR and the content that gamers will be enjoying soon enough. While the figures for development costs were not revealed by Gibeau, estimates of the costs have been massive. Gibeau states clearly that this investment in time and especially money has been worth it as the game contains over 200 hours of gameplay for each class. This 200 hours is only for one of the each six available classes and not including the crafting, raids and multiplayer. Be prepared to be immersed in this gigantic game.

Gibeau also confidently expects that Star Wars the Old Republic will do what no other mmorpg has done, and that is to ‘transport fans to another galaxy’, providing the best experience possible even though the game had been so expensive to produce.

With Origin being the online service EA has selected to deliver SWTOR and help on the launch of a new digital storefront, Gibeau tipped gamers off that there will be in the future special and exclusive content. Gibeau hopes that Origin has the potential of covering a wider and new range of audience which will help return some of the huge investments they have made in the game – mainly investments in the expansive class-system and amazing cinematics. Over thousands of hours worth of playtime, it seems like SWTOR will have what it takes to be the mmo of the next century.

SWTOR Release date: expected to released sometime next year only on the PC

Looking for more advanced content? Check out this SWTOR Guide which comes highly recommended.

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SWTOR Return Trailer

June 6th, 2011 by admin

Thousands of years have passed, and quietly lurking in the shadows and thought to have been extinct after being defeated in an ancient war, the Sith lurk in the shadows and wait for their revenge on the Republic. The surviving Sith have moved to unknown regions to rebuild their Empire and make their day come true and reclaim what belonged to them. That day has finally arrived. Watch this new Star Wars: The Old Republic Return release with eyes wide open as you never know when they will pounce.

For a more in-depth insight into SWTOR, please refer to this SWTOR Complete Guides Bundle.

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SWTOR: What kind of Star Wars fan are you

June 5th, 2011 by Marcus

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Image via Wikipedia

Find out what kind of Star Wars fan you are by visiting their community poll. Whether your a Generation 1 fan, described as someone who was old enough to have seen the Original Trilogy in theaters its first original theatrical release or a Generation 2 fan, described as someone that was old enough to have sen the Prequel Trilogy in the theater during its first original theatrical release, but not old enough to have seen the Original Trilogy during its original theatrical release.

Quickly find out what Kind of Fan you are by voting on the official Star Wars: The Old Republic community site.

Looking for more advanced content? Check out this SWTOR Guidecom which comes highly recommended.

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SWTOR Troopers Video

May 29th, 2011 by admin

Below is an overview to Troopers. More detailed content and coverage of the topic could be found in this SWTOR Trooper Guide.

Released by Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG comes the new video featuring the SWTOR trooper class. Play up this new character and gain access to more specific kinds of training, new skills, and the use of new gear. Climb up the Republic military ladder and specialize in the different class, Commando and Vanguard.

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April 21st, 2011 by admin

From recent interviews with BioWare’s developers, SWTOR PvP war zones are expected to be rather similar to those found in Warhammer and World of Warcraft. It’s not fully clear yet whether open PvP will be made available when the game is released, however, the team have mentioned that there will definitely be SWTOR PvP play and there will be instances.

Besides SWTOR PvP, raids will be available in different sizes to emphasize the massively multiplayer aspect of the game. Warzones such as the Alderaan Warzone will all have specific objectives. Particularly for this PvP Warzone, there will be three types of guns. The objective is to get the guns and aim them at the enemy’s ship to intimidate them and have them on the run. Plot-wise it’s like a planetary defense cannon. Both PvP parties will be on the ship at the same time. When the ship is destroyed, debris and smoke would appear, marking the end of the match.

According to BioWare’s developers, the plan is to create SWTOR PvP environments with increasing gameplay tension to keep gamers immersed in the game. Different warzones would provide different objectives for those engaged in the large scale PvP. The reward system would however remain the same throughout.

In SWTOR, it’s not about getting all or absolutely no PvP rewards but about maximizing those rewards. This means that the losing party would get rewards nevertheless but just less PvP rewards. The system is planned to be designed this way to keep gamers interested in rematches.

If you’re looking for more than preliminary info, this SWTOR Guide is recommended. The manual is also available as part of a SWTOR Complete Guides Bundle; further recommended for serious SWTOR gamers.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic Quest System

March 21st, 2011 by admin

The SWTOR quest system is a unique way to explore the game. While other games such as World of Warcraft, use some storyline, the choices a player makes don’t have many consequences. WoW players usually end up reading the quest then finishing it, over and over. There is no real sense of a players action having an effect on the world at large. Bioware used the experience they gained from working on games such as Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Knights of the Old Republic to help immerse players into the world. Players choose various answers to in quest conversations. The Player gets to shape their own story through the choices they make, making it their own.

With the SWTOR quest system, players can create characters that can change during their play. Players can gain dark side or light side points through the choices they make. A player can even change their alliance if they make certain choices.

There are some similarities in SWTOR and other MMOs, mainly through the use of class quests that can help a player gain abilities and skills.

The SWTOR quest system has plenty of activity for solo play, but that’s not the only aspect of the game. It wouldn’t be a MMO if there were no social interactions. In SWTOR, some quests require a group to finish. There will be different types of group quests to experience. The SWTOR quest system has short chain world quests that players can pick up and play with strangers, while epic World Arc quests have the players experiencing a long quest line filled with adventure and excitement. Flashpoint quests are similar to the instances found in World of Warcraft, with the players going through a specific area, delving further into a unique storyline.

In multi-player quests, a player has the interesting situation of being involved in a conversation they don’t have full control over. Players pick a conversation option and each player randomly rolls a number. The player who wins that roll will respond in the dialogue, possibly changing the outcome of the conversation.

These storytelling elements of the SWTOR quest system will help improve the player’s immersion and add a interesting dynamic to the MMO genre. The individual story a player creates will definitely cement the bond between player and character, making for a fun and exciting experience.

If you’re looking for more than preliminary info, this SWTOR Guide is recommended. The manual is also available as part of a SWTOR Complete Guides Bundle; further recommended for serious SWTOR gamers.

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SWTOR Bounty Hunter Report

March 17th, 2011 by Jack Matthews

If you are looking for the most dangerous and most rewarding profession in the galaxy, Bounty Hunter is your call. Because once a Bounty Hunter marks their target, it’s either dead or alive. In SWTOR, You can choose to have your Bounty Hunter on a techy side by equiping your character with prototype shield and heavy armor, or weilding the latest gunfire and become a Mercenary. See more details and check out the latest video of a Bounty Hunter here.

More advanced contents such as tips, hints and strategies is shared over at SWTOR Bounty Hunter Guide.

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SWTOR Sith Inquisitor Guide

February 2nd, 2011 by Marcus

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a new massively multiplayer online game, which allows its players to create a character, and play as part of the Star Wars galaxy. The game setting takes place 3,500 years before the rise of Darth Vader, during a shaky truce between the Republic and the Sith Empire. There are many classes for a player to choose from, including the Sith Inquisitor.

Nothing inspires the SWTOR Sith Inquisitor, or gives him such high motivation, as his search for power. Their strengths are built around cunning and treachery, and their only goal is more control. Very few Sith truly possess the strength and intelligence it takes to become a Sith Inquisitor, and those that are the most determined and likely to stab even their teachers in the back. The Sith Inquisitor has many powers to call upon, though the thing that keeps their enemies down, is their absolute control of the dark side of the Force.

The SWTOR Sith Inquisitor wears rich, dark, sophisticated robes that mark them for political control. Although their appearance may seem regal and harmless, the inquisitor is always sure to choose clothes that allow for movement and flexibility. That way, the Sith Inquistor is always ready to defend himself from an enemy, or even a scheming apprentice.

Whenever a SWTOR Sith Inquisitor fights, he leaves a field of destruction and carnage behind. The Sith Inquisitor’s expertise in wielding the force gives him incredible strength, and even allows them to pull from their own life force, and the life force of those around him. They can use that energy to make themselves stronger, fight back their enemies, or even return strength to wounded allies. The Sith Inquisitor also has amazing abilities with a light saber. They often wield two at once, using quick and lethal strikes to take their opponents down.

In order to gain the levels of power a Sith Inquisitor looks for, they must be able to handle more than Force lightning and their wits. The SWTOR Sith Inquisitor has to have the courage to explore even the most unknown parts of the Force, investigating mysteries that have been long forgotten, in order to draw new powers unto themselves. The Sith Inquisitor is willing to use the unlimited energy of the Force to make themselves into the architects of the future. Well there we go, a short SWTOR Sith Inquisitor guide. Stay tuned for more information about the class.

For a more in-depth insight into SWTOR Sith Inquisitor Guide, please refer to this SWTOR Sith Inquisitor Guide.

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SWTOR Trooper Guide

January 20th, 2011 by admin

Fans of online gaming and also of the movie saga Star Wars will be ecstatic to know that one of the available classes to play will the Trooper. The SWTOR trooper has made his appearance in all Star Wars movies, cartoons, and novels. Known as the military defense of the Republic these fighters are a worthy opponent.

The SWTOR Troopers have the will to fight and the courage to be brave when others falter. They do not have any Lightsabers or special Force abilities; they have the cognitive mind for strategy and combat. For decades they have protected the Republic and fought against the power Sith Empire. These troopers never back down until they are ordered to do so and lay their lives on the line to protect and defend their civilization. The Republic Trooper is a class that embodies all of the Republic’s military’s most highest aspirations. They are the most advanced fight force in the galaxy. Besides their powerful gear and deadly arsenal of equipment, the Trooper’s greatest asset and weapon is their spirit. They have an unwavering sense of duty and undying loyalty to their Republic and also to each other. These ordinary men become extraordinary on the battlefield.

These courageous SWTOR Troopers also have an ally to fight beside. These elite Troopers have partnered with the Jedi to defend and protect the Republic. This is a powerful force that should not be taken lightly by the enemy! Not that that the SWTOR Troopers are guided by the Jedi Knight, but they work together against the Sith Empire.

In this online game the SWTOR Trooper can unleash an unrivaled source of firepower against their enemies. Players will be able to use the Troopers infamous blaster rifle and will wield protective battle gear. He will also have grenades and a rocket launcher for use. This will make him both a great ranged and area of effect class. Players will have fun running into the middle of the battle to blast their enemies or have a more stealth like approach by taking cover to defend oneself before firing. There are a ton of skills and abilities that players can choose from if they are in a bind making this class a fun and challenging one to master.

Star Wars The Old Republic is not just an ordinary MMORPG. Players will have the ability to develop their Trooper’s own story line. Perhaps a player will want their hero Trooper to fall to the wayside and go the way of the Sith or perhaps will always want to fight along side the Jedi and protect their beloved Republic. The choice is theirs to take in this exciting new game.

Looking for more advanced content? Check out this SWTOR Trooper Guide which comes highly recommended.

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SWTOR Smuggler Guide

January 10th, 2011 by Marcus


In Star Wars: The Old Republic, it is 3,500 years before the rise of Darth Vader, and though the galaxy sits on a shaky truce between the Republic and the Sith, it is chaotic and lawlessness is common. Star Wars: The Old Republic is a new Massively Multiplayer Online game, where the player gets to choose their class, and become part of the Star Wars universe.

The game takes place thousands of years before Han Solo joined the rebels, but there is still a need for people with a loose moral code, to help carry contraband throughout the galaxy. One of the classes a player can pick from is a SWTOR Smuggler. As a Smuggler, your character will be called upon to haul cargo from one end of the galaxy to the other. You will have to break a lot of rules along the way, but you will be able to turn quite the profit, if you can handle the pressure.

Though Smugglers skirt the laws on both sides, most have chosen to ally themselves with the Republic, in the hope of staying out from under the thumb of a Sith empire. The Smuggler must be smart, cunning, and always ready to gamble, even on his own life. Although they don’t get the benefits of much armor or big guns, a SWTOR Smuggler is always dressed for action, and usually has one or two light and quick blasters at his side.

You can choose from one of two different specializations, once you have decided on a SWTOR Smuggler for your character. The Gunslinger is great at trick shots, and always happy to dive for cover and shoot out an enemy’s legs. He will do whatever he must to end a disagreement, and his dual blasters are the perfect tools to keep him ready to fight another day.

The second Smuggler specialization is the Scoundrel. The Scoundrel is not worried about etiquette or fighting clean. He always has a blaster for fighting, and a stealth belt to help him get out alive. He will do his best to stay invisible, and always shoots first.

The XS Stock Light is the Smuggler’s ship, and it has all of the comforts of the modern galaxy. Even with all the extra cargo space and secret compartments, it is still one of the quickest ships in the galaxy. Great for hiding the captain if you get boarded, or even fighting your way out of a tight spot.

There you go, a short guide to the Smuggler. For more detailed content and gaming strategies, check out SWTOR Smuggler Guide.

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SWTOR Bounty Hunter Guide

December 16th, 2010 by Jack Matthews

Star Wars the Old Republic has recently released a new class, the Bounty Hunter. As a SWTOR Bounty Hunter you are trying to win entry into the great hunt. Keeping with the style of the iconic bounty hunters in the films your missions are personal, as well as for personal gain. SWTOR Bounty Hunter has incorporated the first ever fully voiced MMO. This means every NPC in the game has its very own unique recorded dialog. Every dialog with a NPC has different options and each choice is important as it changed how that particular mission will run.

SWTOR Bounty Hunter

The SWTOR Bounty hunter starts on Hutta, the world of the Hutts. The world looks distinctly old republic era star wars in a planet scarred and polluted by the Hutts. The bounty hunter is a ranged class starting with blasters, and rocket launchers, and an assortment of gadgets. The gadgets give the Bounty hunter more diversity by allowing the character to drop shields to hide behind or even stun you target instead of simply blasting it away.

SWTOR Bounty hunter is a very loose form of brotherhood, filled with distrust as even your employer may have a hidden agenda that will end up with your head on a platter. The class is focused around different missions that require bringing in or killing dangerous animals, or even more dangerous people. The bounty hunter is a morally ambiguous class, sometimes working for very evil people, but not necessarily evil themselves. This gives the Star Wars world a class that isn’t necessarily part of the dark side, or the light side, but a character set in grey.

The story that you create with your bounty hunter focuses around the hunt itself. Every mission that you accept flushes out how you as a bounty hunter choose to be. Are you going to choose a hunter with a strict sense of honor, or will you accept money from your bounty then lie to your employer about his death. This new class of character gives a perfect neutral character to choose between good or evil. Or even to choose none of the above and run with your own sense of morality, giving the player the ability to create their own personal Star Wars saga.

For more detailed information about Bounty Hunter, check out this SWTOR Bounty Hunter Guide.

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