SWTOR Maps and Updates

July 11th, 2011 by admin

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Star Wars: the Old Republic brings new updates from Damion Schuibert on the importance of the creation and use of maps. As maps are the most frequently used part of the interface, Bioware feels they need to create a perfect map so users get a great feel when using the map to navigate themselves around the land and planets.
swtor maps

The end result is that we have maps that can show astonishing details about the game world. Chairs, crates, statues – all manner of items show up on the map from a birds-eye view, giving the player a real sense of where they are in the world. The resulting map was in fact so good that early on, we found unexpected obstacles were appearing on the map. After investigation, it turned out they were chandeliers and rafters rendered near the ceiling.

Encountered by every mmorpg gamer is the massive world they are thrown into and sometimes if the UI is not correctly made from the beginning can cause catastrophic issues for gamers and the game creators. So for the the Old Republic, they realized that this was a unique problem they had to deal with straight from the beginning as the game also encourages you to wander around exploring the world.

In the beginning, once your character leaves their Origin World, other planets will be exponentially bigger and larger in land and area when compared to other mmo’s, sometimes 5 or 6 times larger. So note the importance of this Map UI, as without this map UI, players would be lost in an instant.
Star Wars: the Old Republic map

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