SWTOR Warzones System Page Launched

October 31st, 2011 by Jack Matthews

This article is a good starting point to learn about SWTOR Warzones. Check out this SWTOR Guide for more advanced details, insights and gameplay tactics.

Anyone interested in SWTOR PvP? Now is your time to gear up and read up on all the aspects of the near release of this huge MMO Star Wars the Old Republic. SWTOR has launched a SWTOR Warzones System page dedicated to all those hardcore PvP’ers wanting to know more. The site will reveal screenshots, revealed zones, videos and articles typed straight from the developers themselves.

There are 3 SWTOR Warzones: Huttball, Voidstar, and Alderaan (released info so far)

Huttball: Just like Quidditch, SWTOR has created a whole new sport, an extreme and deadly sport just for the SWTOR gamers. This new sports is held on the Smuggler’s Moon of Nar Shaddaa. A place overseen by Giraddo the Hutt. This game if it can be called a game, pits players into a zone against one another with no hold barred actions.

Voidstar: Because of a lost Imperial Battle Cruiser known to hold tons of secrets, both the Empire and Republic are trying to control it again to seek out all that can be used on this lost but now found Imperial Battle Cruiser. Watch the latest released video.

Alderaan: A planet intensely fought over by 2 powerful sides each relentless in their attacks. With laser cannons on the surface and troops on the battlefield, the Imperial army and Republic fight over this planet.

Click here to reveal more about SWTOR Warzones


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SWTOR Open World PvP Details Revealed

September 6th, 2011 by admin

This article provides a preliminary guide for SWTOR, more advanced content such as related gameplay strategies could be found in this SWTOR Complete Guides Bundle.

I know this post is  a little late, but nevertheless here it is. Over at PAX Prime, Bioware confirmed the beta weekend and which week it started for Star Wars: The Old Republic. They also featured an Alderaan PvP Warzone and how it rolls out. The most revealing part of the show was about the Open World PvP that everyone knew for the first time. Here are some of the details

– Many neutral planets up for grabs with multiple control points (ie. bases, and turrets)

– Planet Ilum was the planet used as a reference

– If a faction takes control of planetary defences, bombing runs can be called in on opposing base

– Players will receive Valor and Mercenary points for participation. Mercenary points can be exchanged for the best PVP gear

Let’s hope more will be revealed after the Beta Weekend. While we wait, here’s a video link about Alderaan PvP.

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SWTOR PvP Warzone – Huttball

August 28th, 2011 by admin

Here’s an overview of SWTOR PvP Warzone. For more information and gameplay recommendations, check out this SWTOR Complete Guides Bundle.

A new event has captured the hearts and minds of the citizens on the Smuggler’s Moon of Nar Shaddaa. Known as “Huttball,” two teams clash for the amusement of the masses and to win favor with the famed Giradda the Hutt in this new video that highlights just one of the Player-vs-Player (PvP) Warzones in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™!


SWTOR Game Features: PvP, Companion characters, Space battles and more

June 12th, 2011 by Jack Matthews

Released in E3 comes the new SWTOR video showing all the different game features for this highly anticipated game created by BioWare & LucasArts. Become the hero of your own Star Wars Saga and all it has to offer. Video depicts a story-driven experienced with a fully voiced storyline and amazine game features. Check out this latest SWTOR Game Features video.

For more advanced content such as strategies and gaming hints, please refer to this SWTOR Complete Guides Bundle.

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April 21st, 2011 by admin

From recent interviews with BioWare’s developers, SWTOR PvP war zones are expected to be rather similar to those found in Warhammer and World of Warcraft. It’s not fully clear yet whether open PvP will be made available when the game is released, however, the team have mentioned that there will definitely be SWTOR PvP play and there will be instances.

Besides SWTOR PvP, raids will be available in different sizes to emphasize the massively multiplayer aspect of the game. Warzones such as the Alderaan Warzone will all have specific objectives. Particularly for this PvP Warzone, there will be three types of guns. The objective is to get the guns and aim them at the enemy’s ship to intimidate them and have them on the run. Plot-wise it’s like a planetary defense cannon. Both PvP parties will be on the ship at the same time. When the ship is destroyed, debris and smoke would appear, marking the end of the match.

According to BioWare’s developers, the plan is to create SWTOR PvP environments with increasing gameplay tension to keep gamers immersed in the game. Different warzones would provide different objectives for those engaged in the large scale PvP. The reward system would however remain the same throughout.

In SWTOR, it’s not about getting all or absolutely no PvP rewards but about maximizing those rewards. This means that the losing party would get rewards nevertheless but just less PvP rewards. The system is planned to be designed this way to keep gamers interested in rematches.

If you’re looking for more than preliminary info, this SWTOR Guide is recommended. The manual is also available as part of a SWTOR Complete Guides Bundle; further recommended for serious SWTOR gamers.

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